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Blinder Hoods

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Wayne Pederson and Gwen Danielson are the Original Designers and Manufacturer of the Blinder Hood specifically designed for Whitetail Deer since August 2000. It is made of canvas with Velcro adjustments for 6 month old fawns to adult deer (One Size Fits All). (Blinder Hood, Blinder Hoods and Deer Blinder Hoods are registered Trademarks)

They are designed to cover the deer eyes to Calm them while Handling, Medicating, Cutting Antler's or when Tranquilized, during AI and Semen Extraction by reducing stress on the animal and hopefully avoiding Capture Myopathy.

Many deer handlers have had deer that died within two days of handling from Capture Myopathy and with a properly designed and fitting Blinder Hood it will greatly reduce the risk by calming them.

Another well-known effect of stress on animals is a decrease in reproduction, which includes decreases in libido, fertility, implantation of fertilized ovum, and development of fetus. This means a well designed Deer Blinder Hood used during AI may increase the number of fawns born by reducing stress on the Doe.

We extensively tested our hoods (about 6 different designs with different materials) on over 200 live animals in different stages of sedation before selling our first Deer Blinder Hood in August 2000.

During our test, we found some materials to be inferior as they were too soft and would not retain the desired shape needed to fit the deer’s head after repeated use. We also tried vinyl and rejected it because it was too stiff and hard to manage, it would also let light in from the top or bottom. We found that with any light passing through or around the material, it added stress on the animal and therefore defeated the whole purpose of the Blinder Hood.

Early in the design process we put that little strap down the front for emergencies as a safety factor (to get it off fast) and never removed it from the design.

Right from the very first tests we saw a need to close the top above the eyes. And we accomplished it as you can see from our design. We also listened to our first customer's feedback and made it double layered for less light penetration.

Many of the first ones were made with green and other colors of canvas and finally we changed to black to help stop the light penetration as lighter colors seemed to reflect more light.

Like I said we TESTED them to make the best and safest Blinder Hood available!
(LOL, we did not test with feed bags hanging on them as we did not see the need to sedate or capture the feed as it was already in a bag.)

We do not make a Blinder Hood for Fawns (under 6 mo of age) because Fawns have not been proven to be as susceptible to Capture Myopathy as much as older deer and it would be a rip-off to the consumer to sell him one when a Fawn Cradle sold by BB Genetics and a bath towel will suffice. Plus the physical handling of the Fawn to get the hood off may injure them or break their delicate bones because the commercial grade of Velcro that we use is sometimes hard to remove.

The risk of losing a very valuable animal will be greatly reduced by using a properly tested and designed Deer Blinder Hood.

We have sold our Blinder Hoods to Farmers with other Exotic species such as Red Sheep, Ibex, Axis Deer, Sitka, Blackbuck, Fallow, Goat, Aoudad and this Blinder Hood may fit other Animals with a similar size head.

In the picture, Lou Toke Is using one of our Blinder hoods on his Buck Highrise Jr. Hood

Our Buck Sasquatch
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Wayne Pederson
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Bemidji Minnesota 56601

Phone : 218-444-8069
E-mail : wpdf@paulbunyan.net

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