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Plans for $60.00

We have successfully TB tested approximately 250 head of Whitetail Deer and Red Deer through our Drop Chute without any mishap.
It takes about 40 hours to assemble one with our easy to understand instructions and color prints at a cost of about $600.00 for materials. ((We are unable to guarantee your actual cost of building this drop chute as the price of materials fluctuates daily with today's economy.))  Did you read the fine print?

It comes with a complete material list and instructions to cut, number parts and step by step instructions in sequence to facilitate easy assembly.
Materials may be purchased at your local steel supplier, lumber and hardware store.

Adjustable for 6 month old Northern Whitetail Fawns up to adult
Red Deer.
It may be possible to also run Red sheep, Ibex, Axis Deer, Sitka, Blackbuck, Fallow, Goat, and Aoudad though it.

Use it for TB testing, Medicating, Antler cutting and Artificial insemination work.
Easy excess with large working doors.

Plans are $60.00, we pay the postage

We have sold plans to as far away as Thailand and have a picture of the finished product.


Drop Chute Drop Chute Drop Chute

Drop Chute    Drop Chute    Drop Chute

Drop Chute    Drop Chute   Drop Chute

For plans send check or postal money order for US$60.00 to
Wayne Pederson
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Phone : 218-444-8069
Email : wpdf@paulbunyan.net

Or you can buy a set of plans now for $60.00 using Pay pal.
We pay the shipping in the lower 48 states.