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Drop Chute Plans © Build your own Drop Chute Plans are $60.00 with free shipping.

Deer Blinder Hoods We invented and manufacturer Deer Blinder Hoods specifically for Whitetail Deer.

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New The next Chupp Whitetail Auction will be held December 11 -12 - 13 - 2013

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I have added several new pages to help promote Whitetail deer farming Since I first posted this page on my first website Whitetail Quest back in Dec. 2002 I have made very few changes

How To Artificially Inseminate a Whitetail Doe

Suppliers page 1 / Suppliers page 2 of AI Equipment, Fencing material, Water's, Microchips, Medicines, Fawn care and links to thousands of more items to raise healthy Deer.

 Updated I have added a new page for Services of persons that provide, Fence Installation, Deer transporting, Deer Boarding, Fawn Bottle Feeding & other services related to the Whitetail Deer industry

Deer Health and Fawn Health Here you will find information to properly raise Healthy Whitetail Deer

Deer Medicines, Suppliers of most Medicines used by Whitetail deer farmers

Updated AI Services links and contact information to persons and companies providing Services of: Inseminating, Semen Storage, Semen Extraction and DNA testing listed by State. Tissue Banking for Genetic Preservation, and Cloning

Links to Whitetail Deer Associations and State Agencies,State Legislatures, State Deer Associations, Natural Resource Agencies and Agricultural Agencies listed by state and country.

 Free Farm Layout and Sliding Door Plans

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Safari Club International score sheets, Typical and Non Typical PDF file downloads

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